Temporary exhibitions

The Interpretation Centre permanent exhibition is complemented by Temporary Exhibitions inside its facilities, whose objective is to make local master craftsmen known. They keep the traditional pottery of the area alive with their hands and/or they design new methods for a more environmentally-friendly artistic creation.

martes, 26 de mayo de 2015

by María López Cruz

María López Cruz, the creator of the needlework and weaving that is being presented in this exhibit is a neighbour of the Barriada de Cuevas of Guadix. She has lived since childhood in the Cuatro Veredas although, nowadays, she lives in the Ermita Nueva and manages the Tourist Lodging, Cuevas de Maria.

Her interest in needlework and knitting began at age 14 when she learned it from her boss, Antonia Hernández, the owner of a chicken farm in Guadix where María began to work at an early age. After work, María learned to weave wool at the hand of Antonia, from scarves to shawls or blankets, to sweaters that she would then weave for her family.

Her imagination and her anxiousness to complete a project in order to begin another one makes María always think about what she is going to do next. Scarves and hats, table clothes, shawls for sofas or foot coverings for beds, tulip-shaped shades for table lamps, flamenco suits for dolls for fiestas and a large list of other things – all done in needle work and knitting in a thousand colours.

One of her most recent works has been the creation of the Cross of May in pieces of needlework in multicoloured wool with a flower motif for the Hermandad del Descendimiento of Guadix.


lunes, 13 de abril de 2015

Walking through Guadix hills between chimneys II

Once again, on 8th April, we commemorate the International Roma Day, as established by the United Nations. It reminds the first meeting of Roma representatives, which took place in London on 8th April 1971 at which the flag and the Roma hymn, “Gelem Gelem”, were established. It is a date of celebration, to make the unit and diversity of Roma people from all over the world more visible and the important Roma contributions to the universal culture.


DIGITAL ART, Ventura Hernández

I would like to thank those people who let me be myself, the City Council of Guadix and the different Guadix media for the support they offer to me and their response to my exhibitions.

Buenaventura Robles Hernández was born in Alcudia (Valle del Zalabí) in 1984. From a humble family, he studied in his town and Guadix and he ­finished his academic training at the Guadix School of Arts. His passion for art began from an early age, when he painted in pencil and charcoal. Later, he started to experiment with other techniques such as acrylic, oil or digital art, which is the technique of this exhibition. Currently, he works as a waiter at the Palacio de Oñate Hotel. So far, he made an exhibition at the Guadix Tourist Office.


Recycling: A child’s play

ATANI is non-profit organization which arose in 2001 from the anxiety felt by a group of mothers who, being affected by their sons and daughters’ drug addiction, look for aid for their treatment and subsequent reintegration.

At the present time, one of the projects developed by this organization since 2001 is the PIMA (Program for the Comprehensive Prevention in an Open Environment) through which they work with groups of minors the values education and attitudes that act as protection factors facing the offer and the use of drugs. They are: tolerance to the frustration, self-esteem, commitment and respect for the nature. It hopes to be an alternative to the leisure consumer model that prevails nowadays.

The program currently focuses on a recycling workshop that allows us to work with children through a range of leisure which parts of their interests and where they go on their own initiative, values ​​and attitudes that will enable them to confront the risks to be turned up along their young adult life.

In this exhibition, recycled toys which were made during the 2013-14 course are presented. Through them, children discovered that making their own toys implies a double fun.